Year 3

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Year 3 at Chapel Street. We hope this will be an exciting year full of stimulating and creative learning opportunities as your child begins their transition from Lower phase to Upper phase. Year 3 will provide academic challenges that will allow them to successfully grow in confidence as a learner as well as develop a greater degree of independence.


The Year 3 teachers are Miss Ali (3A), Mr Morgan (3B) and Miss Sature (3C), with Miss Rahman, Miss Ferreira, and Mrs Mahmood as Teaching Assistants. The children’s day begins at 8:40 with 15 minutes of early work to establish a productive learning environment. The morning break is at 10:15 – 10:35, with lunch at 12:30 – 1:30. The end of the day is 3:15. Snacks can be bought on the playground before the day begins.


To encourage the children to become more independent, they will come into the classroom on their own at the beginning of each day. They will be responsible for hanging up their coats, putting their PE kit away, emptying their book bags and putting their water bottles and lunch boxes in the right places. Any homework that is handed out will be expected to be brought back by the date stated on the sheet and completed to the best of their abilities. We ask that parents/carers take an active interest in their tasks whilst helping the children to take responsibility for their own learning.


Please encourage your child to read every day and ask them questions. These can include ‘on the line’ questions, where the answer can be found in the text, ‘outside the lines’, where you check their understanding of certain words and ‘between the lines’ questions, which look at inference and what is going on in the underlying story of a text. Please make sure you sign their reading diaries whenever you see your child read.


In Year 3, the children will do Physical Education twice a week in the form of Gymnastics, Dance and Games which may be indoors or outdoors, dependent on the time of year and the weather.

There will be a drive this year to encourage all pupils to have correct PE kit and examples of appropriate PE kit can be found on the school website


3A have indoor PE on a Thursday at 11.30am and indoor PE on a Tuesday at 13:45pm.


3B have indoor PE on a Monday at 11.30am and outdoor PE on a Thursday at 14:15pm.


3C have indoor PE on a Tuesday at 11.30am and outdoor PE on a Thursday at 13.45pm.


Year 3 will not be swimming this as all swimming lessons will now take place in year 4.


We are always more than happy to speak to you about any queries or concerns you have and you can contact us after school or via the school office.


We look forward to a wonderful year.


Mr Morgan, Mr Shepherd and Miss Sature





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