Attendance part of the newsfeed to week ending 21/12/18 whole school 95.7%, class champions 3B 96.7% and 6C 97.2% General: We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas. School closes on Friday 21st December and re-opens on Monday 7th January 2019.


At Chapel Street, we aim to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity into the world around them, by providing them with opportunities to enquire, investigate and analyse how and why things happen. We believe that by building up a body of key foundational knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics, that pupils will recognise the impact of science in their own futures, personally and globally.


We aim to ensure that pupils:

  • develop understanding of nature, life processes and physical processes through scientific enquiry
  • ask and answer scientific questions
  • plan and conduct their own investigations to explore science further
  • evaluate evidence and draw conclusions clearly and accurately


We use a variety of teaching methods within our school to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding of science. We make full use of outdoor spaces and the local area to explore our ideas of the natural world. The children engage in ‘real’ investigations to develop their scientific thinking through effective questioning, whilst also developing key skills in mathematical and English learning.





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