Attendance: Week commencing 15th Oct 2018, Whole school 95.7%, Assembly Champions - 2C 100%, 3A 100%, 5C 100%

School Development Plan

Chapel Street Primary School Development Plan 2017/18


Key priorities based upon analysis of data and evidence from monitoring


1. Improve pupils’ progress so that a greater proportion are able to match expectations for their age by the time they leave Year 6.

2. Build upon recent improvements in teaching, especially reading, to ensure that pupils are able to make the progress they should as they move through school.

3. Improve leadership and management.


If we are successful in our plan, the achievement outcomes for pupils will be:


End of EYFS GLD 69% with a focus to increase numbers of exceeding towards National

End of KS1 Reading and Maths at 70% ARE, writing at 65% and least 12% exceeding in all areas

Year 1 phonic screening check 81% or better.

End of KS2 Reading (60%), Writing (56%), Maths (60%), at AREs – based on min-point projections from FFT, or progress in line with National in all areas

Attendance overall 96% or better and (tbc – moving from last year’s 94.1%) % for DAP.


Achievement outcomes will be monitored for being on track each term (see dates for evaluation in Monitoring Calendar) and in pupil progress meetings each half term, where the achievement of all pupils, including the more able, those who have English as an Additional Language and New Arrivals, those eligible for the Pupil Premium grant and those receiving additional support because of SEN, will also be checked.


2018/19: the future priority for the school has been identified as:


  • To secure and improve outcomes for pupils so that as many as possible make strong progress.
  • Secure more outstanding teaching through CPD and the sharing of good practice.







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