Ramadan Kareem to all our children, families, staff and wider community.


As with Easter a few weeks ago, Ramadan will be a particularly poignant time this year due to our current circumstances and not being able to come together, celebrate and share faith in the same ways as usual or with the same physical proximity to others.


If anyone feels they need support during Ramadan, for example with fasting, feeling isolated or different challenges to usual as a result of social-distancing, working from home or commitments as a key worker - please speak with us. As always, we are here to listen and help.  The office is open from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted on 0161 224 1269.


The following websites contain information, support and ideas for how Ramadan may be impacted with current circumstances; how communities can come together ‘virtually’ for Taraweeh and iftars and how to support positive mental and physical health if you are fasting.


They may be helpful for those who are observing Ramadan and also those who are not but would like to understand more and support friends and colleagues.


Some of the key information has been copied at the end of this page.


The following is a Newsround link that you might like to share with your children.



Click here to see the Muslim Council of Britain health factsheet.


Click here to see the Muslim Council of Britain guidance booklet on Ramadan.  Translated versions can be found on their website below.


These sites all contain information for adults:








Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous month of Ramadan.


Muslim Council of Britain tips for Ramadan at home this year:

• Online – Stream Islamic lectures or taraweeh to your home, either pre-recorded or live.

• Prayers – Organise prayers including taraweeh at home as a family and pray as a congregation in the home. Since it is no longer possible to do I’tikaf in the mosque, consider doing this at home.

• Virtual Iftars – Try to organise virtual iftars with extended family and the community through the many online video calling facilities available.

• Plan food – Plan your iftar menus in advance so that you can limit multiple shopping trips and limit exposure given social distancing measures.

• Drink well – Hydrate well for the long work days. Dehydration can lead to tiredness, headaches, lack of focus/concentration.

• Energy foods – Eat high energy, slow burn foods for suhoor (starting your fast) – It is important that you remain energised throughout the workday, especially as we can experience heightened levels of anxiety during these times.

• Breaks – Take regular breaks to reflect and take time for yourself.

• Mental Health – Life can be full, and we try to fill it with more worship during Ramadan. We all want to pray more and this can help with anxiety but it is important to be good to yourself – sometimes it is quality over quantity.


Muslim Council of Britain tips for home and virtual iftars:

While we are all longing for the opportunity to get together as families for iftar and share in the blessings together, it is vital that we follow UK Government guidance and only remain with those that we live with until otherwise stated. While this will mean that we are not able to physically get together as a community for the entirety of Ramadan, it is for the safety of our communities that we must heed these warnings. We must remember that as Muslims everything is a test from Allah, and it is up to us how we choose to respond to such tests.


Due to the likely inability to host in-person iftars this Ramadan, one way to still connect with friends and loved ones is to host a ‘virtual iftars’, in which individuals or families can join via video conferencing facilities like Zoom or FaceTime. This could be a vital way for individuals to stay connected during these times, especially those who are living alone or away from family.



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