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Music is at the heart of our school.


At Chapel Street we believe in performance; we feel that music education should be skills-based, rather than knowledge-based.


Across the year groups, children are encouraged to perform right from the start of the year, either vocally or using instruments and percussion.


We also hold the idea of audience response as paramount to the children’s experience and musical ability and confidence.


Music Pedagogy

We teach class-based music lessons throughout the school. This includes traditional musical theory as well as performance by all the children during the lesson. Across the school, both singing and instrumental performances are covered, enabling children to experience a variety of ways to access music and explore their creativity. Children learn the national curriculum music concepts of rhythm, pitch, timbre, dynamics and other musical ideas.


In 2016, we have established a new partnership with Bangdrum, a provider who deliver music across a range of genres using specialist teachers. Once a week, Bangdrum teachers come in to school to deliver both percussion and tuned instrument lessons in Year 3, building up towards a whole year group performance at the end of each term.



During every unit of work the children are encouraged to improvise or compose their own performances, as well as learning to play written parts.


After school club

On Thursdays we hold an after-school music club provided by Bangdrum, where children are given the opportunity to learn a wider range of instrumental skills and techniques from around the world. These include tuned and un-tuned percussion, guitar and ukulele.


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